Select Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday August 2, 2023
6 PM
Stark Town Office
Call to Order
Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.
Persons Present for All or Part of the Entire Meeting
Select Board Members: Glenn Wiggin, Lisa Demers, Jim Walsh; Office Manager, Patty Peel
Ray Perkins, Elaine Monahan, Rodney Monahan, Jim Hickey, Bill Joyce, Dennis Lunn, Bob Gale, Everett Frizzell, Stephan Gilman, Ron Boivin, Deb Joyce
Read and approve minutes from previous meeting—July 19, 2023
Jim Walsh, Select Board Member, read the minutes from July 19, 2023; Motion to accept minutes as written made by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Lisa Demers Minutes approved as written.
Jim Walsh read nonpublic minutes from July 19, 2023; Motion to accept minutes as written made by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Lisa Demers Minutes approved as written.
Sign Checks & Manifest 31 Totaling $28019.87
Manifest 31 & Checks Signed
Sign Heritage Center Check & Manifest 18 Totaling $31.29
Manifest 18 & Checks Signed
Sign PA-35 Assessing Officials’ Response to Tax Exemption
PA-35 signed.
Sign Certification of Yield Taxes Assessed and Yield Tax Warrant for Operation 23-421-01-T
Certificate of Yield Tax and Warrant signed for Operation 23-421-01-T.
Sign Pistol Permits
Three Pistol Permits Signed
Department Reports
· Heritage Center Paving Proposal
o Everett Frizzell from the Heritage Center Committee reviewed the proposal from Central Paving to resurface Heritage Center parking lot, extended in front of library. Discussion ensued and all questions were answered. On behalf of the Heritage Center Committee, Everett Frizzell made the recommendation to the SB to accept the proposal and move forward with the paving. Lisa Demers made a motion to expend $11,500 from Heritage Center funds for the resurfacing of the parking lot as bid shows; Glenn Wiggin 2ndAll SB members voted yes to the motion. Motion Passed
· Town Hall
o Discussion about paving in front of Town Hall while Central Paving had equipment in Town. Lisa Demers, Select Board Member, will confirm added cost with Central Paving and Patty Peel, Office Manager, will look at GOEEFR Funds to see what money remains available. Jim Walsh, Select Board Member, talked about at minimum having our own staff put in an asphalt ramp by door going into Town Hall.
Old Business
· Transfer Station
§ Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, spoke about distributing blue dump stickers from the Town Hall. Discussion took place…all questions/comments were heard and answered. Glenn Wiggin made a motion to move the distribution of blue dump stickers to Town Office under Elaine Monahan with no charge for the stickers, 2nd Jim Walsh. All SB members voted yes to the motion. Motion Passed
o Select Board Member, Lisa Demers, reviewed her correspondence with Primex regarding liability of Normandeau Trucking having a key to the Transfer Station for the purposes of hauling solid waste. Lisa Demers disagrees with not giving Normandeau a key. Glenn Wiggin spoke of his concern for liability to the Town when a Transfer Station Operator is not present. Jim Walsh stated that the problem lies with keeping the gate always locked. Lisa Demers made a motion to give Normandeau Trucking a Transfer Station key, effective immediately, for entry to TS to haul solid waste with gate being locked when Normandeau is inside and locked when leaving until DES tells us otherwise. 2nd by Jim Walsh Vote 2-1 Jim Yes, Lisa Yes, Glenn No Motion Passed
o Option for Stark Volunteer Fire Department to have access to a water source were discussed…. Transfer Station Access, brook by the Transfer Station, River via the Pump House. No decisions were made during this discussion.
· Town Hall Locks
o Glenn Wiggin talked about changing locks on Town Hall; previous SB had approved but the locks never got changed. Several organizations and individuals have keys, should we try again to change locks. Following discussion, Glenn Wiggin made a motion to change all exterior door locks to the Town Office and restrict who has keys in the future, 2nd by Lisa Demers. All SB members voted in the affirmative. Motion Passed. Glenn Wiggin will get information on the lock.
· Private Road Signs
o Glenn Wiggin initiated conversation about the Town putting road signs on private roads. Bob Gale, Planning Board Member, shared that the Planning Board requires property owners to post signs at both ends of private roads. No decisions were made.
· Planning Board
o Lisa Demers resigned as the Select Board representative to the Planning Board.
§ Lisa Demers made a motion for the SB to appoint Jim Walsh as the SB representative on the Planning Board, 2nd by Glenn Wiggin. All SB members voted yes to the motion. Motion Passed.
· Alternate Energy Source Information
o Lisa Demers reached out to Kathleen Kelly to gather information regarding AVEC, which is a collaborative group of citizens in the area exploring what can be done to lower energy costs. Lisa will contact Charlie Nesbitt and see if he is still interested in exploring alternative energy sources. Bob Gale will work with Charlie and report back to the Select Board.
· Trustee of Trust Funds
o Lisa Demera made a motion to appoint Georgia Caron as Trustee of Trust Fund, 2nd by Jim Walsh. All SB members voted in affirmative. Motion Passed
· Town of Stark Website
o Glenn Wiggin made a motion to move forward with transition to .gov domain, 2nd by Lisa Demers. All SB members agree. Motion Passed
· Meeting Rules
o Discussion of meeting rules tabled until next meeting.
New Business
· Bridges
o Glenn Wiggin talked about bridge inspections required every two years by DOT and necessary to apply for bridge grants. Lisa Demers believes these were completed when she was previously on the Select Board and Leighton Meadow Bridge was red flagged by the DOT. Glenn Wiggin will get in touch with DOT to discuss bridge inspections; Jim Walsh suggested contacting in writing. A group email with all three Select Board Members and DOT will be set up so all members can respond with questions to DOT. Patt Peel will look for prior bridge inspection reports.
· AVEC Email re: Master Plan was given to the Planning Board, who is responsible for the Master Plan.
Other Business
· Town Trucks
o Red Town Dump Truck—-frame needs touch up and body to tune of $1500-$2000;
o Sander/Spreader needs work, some broken parts; Ron gathering information of cost of parts and repairs.
§ Jim Walsh made a motion to wait on repairs until the SB has information on the cost of repairs to the sander/spreader, 2ndby Glenn Wiggin. All SB members voted yes Motion Passed
· Roadside Mowing—-Glenn Wiggin made a motion to hire Brian Lamarre LLC to so the roadside moving, 2ndby Lisa Demers. All SB members voted yes. Motion Passed.
· Covered Bridge Use—-Due to an increase in requests for the use of the covered bridge, Patty Peel will put together a Bridge Use Policy and Application for the SB to review.
· Lisa Demers asked about the status of the work being completed by Kevin Lufkin. He has started; Patty will give him a call to see when work might get finished.
· Joint Loss Management Committee—Lisa Demers reached out to John Hazen, Dept of Labor, Safety Inspector for information on forming the Town’s committee. Recommendation from John that the Town move forward with just the three volunteers, listing the fourth member as To Be Determined/Actively Recruiting. It is John’s recommendation that the Town continue with the monthly recruitment letters, making certain people know they will be paid for their time. Under the current circumstances John suggested extending the offer to appointed and elected officials of the Town. NH Administrative Code Lab 603.04 was reviewed, outlining the rule for paying committee members. LAB 603.04 (b) reads as follows: “Pay any employee who participates in committee activities in his/her role as a committee member, including, but not limited to, attending meetings, training activities, and inspections, at his/her regular rate of pay for all time spent on such activities.”
Motion to adjourn Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Lisa Demers. All members voted in affirmative. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia S. Peel, Office Manager