Select Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

6 PM

Stark Town Office


Call to Order

Doug Shannon called meeting to order at 6 pm


Chairperson Elected

Glenn Wiggin made nomination of Doug Shannon as Board Chair

Second by Lisa Demers

Motion Passed Unanimously


Persons Present:

Following individuals present for part of or the entire meeting:

Select Board: Doug Shannon, Glenn Wiggin, Lisa Demers; Office Manager, Patty Peel.

Ray Perkins, Dennis Lunn, Jim Walsh, Rodney Monahan, Elaine Monahan, Jim Hickey, Jay Beaton, Stephan Gilman, Bob Gale, Bill Joyce, Cheryl Gale


Read and approve minutes from previous meeting—March 1, 2023

Motion to waive reading of minutes and approve minutes as written for March 8, 2023, by Doug Shannon, 2nd by Lisa Demers 

Motion Passed Unanimously


Sign Checks & Manifest 12 Totaling $10,165.77

Checks and Manifest 12 Totaling $10,165.77 signed by Select Board


Sign 2 Excavation Warrants—Drouin & Knapp

Excavation Warrants for Drouin & Knapp signed by Select Board


Sign 2 Intents to Excavate—Drouin & Beattie

Intents to Excavate for Drouin & Beattie signed by Select Board


Sign DRA Reports (MS-60A, MS-60W, MS-232)

Annual DRA Reports MS-60A, MS-60W, & MS-232 signed by Select Board


Treasurer’s Report February

Rodney Monahan, Town Treasurer, submitted February treasurer reports for Heritage Center and for General Fund; Select Board Signed Reports

Rodney Monahan shared that Passumpsic Bank needed a copy of Town Meeting minutes to add a Select Board member. When paperwork is ready at the bank, Rodney will let the Board know so they can sign paperwork.

Transfer Station Report

Stephan Gilman, Transfer Station Operator, shared two quotes with Board for Service of Compactor and replacement of pump. Select Board reviewed quotes and asked Stephan to clarify whether the higher quote for $3720.99 included replacement along with service or was the total the combination of, $3720.99 quote 3327, and $2027.81, quote 3422. Stephan will get back to the Select Board.

Bob Gale asked how often the pump needed to be replace; Rodney Monahan shared that it has not been replaced since 2016 that he knows of and he thinks it is original pump. Bob Gale encouraged the Transfer Station Operator to question the service company about the failure mode.


The Select Board appointed new AVRRDD representation due to resignation of Rodney Monahan. Glenn Wiggin made a motion for Stephan Gilman to be the Town’s Primary Representative and Doug Shannon the 1st alternate. Motion 2nd by Doug Shannon                            

Motion Passed Unanimously

At this time the Town will not have a 2nd Alternate.


AVRRDD Budget Report shared with Select Board


Select Board discussed advertising in newspapers part time position at Transfer Station

Glenn Wiggin made a motion to advertise in newspapers, Second by Doug Shannon

Motion Passed Unanimously


Stephan Gilman talked about volunteers at the Transfer Station. Several people in Town willing to volunteer until we hire a Transfer Station Helper. Stephan also talked about a Q/A forum the State was hosting online. Stephan will provide Patty Peel with the link to submit any questions the Select Board might have.


Road Agent Report

Glenn Wiggin shared updates from Ronnie Boivin, Road Agent:

Ronnie will be purchasing a pallet load of cold patch.

North Country Ford said new truck does not need servicing until after 5000 miles; currently around 2500.

Ronnie Boivin is working on a list of road names in Town and what repairs/maintenance each road needs so the Board can prioritize road repair and maintenance.

Glenn asked Ronnie to go around and look at dead trees and/or trees leaning into the road that could be potential safety concerns; Ronnie will mark with paint trees that he believes should come down or be pushed over.

Bill Joyce asked about using Town rake for roads; Ronnie will look at rake and see if it is usable/fixable.


Fire Department

TAC-2 Communications invoice for $1300 shared with Select Board

Select Board requested a non-public with Charlie to discuss applications to join Fire Department; Patty will set up for next meeting.

Mr. Perkins asked if all current employees have had criminal record check.

Bill Joyce voiced concern about response time for out-of-Town firemen. Stephan Gilman and Jim Hickey explained need and use of all firemen, even if response time a bit slower. Most can respond within 20 minutes and fire department seldom at a fire for less than a couple hours.


Old Business

Town Website needs work; Patty will provide SB with copies of maintenance plan options to choose from


Internet Update—We have received a proposal for internet from Netafy, still waiting for one from Consolidated.

Hard Wired Smoke Detectors—Received proposal from Dustin Supernois, waiting for proposal from Lufkin; Patty will also contact Capital Alarm and Corey Electric for estimates.

Rodney Monahan asked what guidelines Primex had for government buildings; Patty Peel will contact Primex and see what they require regarding smoke alarm systems and other building requirements.


New Business

Stark Bridge Inspection with Minuteman Security & Life Safety scheduled for May 8, 2023, at 9 am

Doug suggested having a fireman and Select Board member available; Lisa Demers will be available from the Board and Patty Peel will contact Charlie Nesbitt to have a fireman available.

Tax Appointment —Lisa Demers made motion to appoint Elaine Monahan as Tax Collector for one year, 2nd Doug Shannon

Motion Passed Unanimously

Dennis Lunn, Trustee of Trust Funds was not paid in 2022 due to an oversight. Glenn Wiggin motion to pay Dennis Lunn his 2022 salary, 2nd by Doug Shannon.  Motion Passed Unanimously

Welfare Agent—-Motion by Glenn Wiggin to appoint Lisa Demers as Welfare Agent for Town of Stark, 2nd by Doug Shannon

 Motion Passed Unanimously

Emergency Management Director—Doug Shannon will confirm with Colin Wentworth that he wants to continue as Emergency Management Director



Glenn Wiggin made motion to adjourn business meeting at 7:20 Glenn, 2nd by Doug Shannon

Business Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm