Select Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday September 20, 2023

6 PM

Stark Town Office



Call to Order

Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

Persons Present for All or Part of the Entire Meeting

Select Board Members: Glenn Wiggin, Lisa Demers, Jim Walsh; Office Manager, Patty Peel

Jim Hickey, Stephan Gilman, Ben King, Ray Perkins, Bill Joyce, Dennis Lunn, Ron Boivin, Tyrone Mickelboro, Bob Gale

Read and approve minutes from previous meeting—September 12, 2023

Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, made a motion to waive reading of minutes, 2nd Jim Walsh

Motion Passed Unanimously

Sign Checks & Manifest 38 Totaling $4107.52

Signed Checks & Manifest 38.

Sign Heritage Center Check & Manifest 23 Totaling $62.52

Signed Check & Manifest 23.

Sign Pistol Permit

Pistol Permit Signed

Sign Land Use Change Tax Warrants x 3

Select Board signed 3 warrants for Land Use Change Tax.

Sign Bill for Unattended Fire at South Pond

SB signed bill for unattended fire at South Pond.

Septic Plan/Ben King

SB approved and signed septic plan for Ben King.


Department Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report August
    • SB reviewed and signed Treasurer’s reports for August.


Old Business

  • Junk Yards/Glenn Wiggin
    • Select Board Discussion regarding junk yards and unregistered, “end of life”, vehicles in yards. Glenn Wiggin shared information he had gathered; State regulations can be found in RSA 236: 111-120.
    • Decisions Made:
      • Motion: Select Board will send an email to DES questioning whether or not the Town is mandated to issue noncommercial junk yard licenses? Motion by Jim Walsh, 2nd by Glenn Wiggin. Motion passed unanimously.
      • Lisa Demers will speak to homeowner on Emerson Road in relation to the homeowner’s intent regarding unregistered/end of life vehicles in the yard.
    • Paving/Lisa Demers
      • Lisa Demers updated the SB with information on paving in front of Town Hall. Central Paving will be complete paving at end of September. Stephan Gilman and Ronnie Boivin will take care of adjusting the stones, leveling off and matching faces. Stephan Gilman reached out to dig safe and has a ticket number; work can begin after 2:30 pm on September 25, 2023.
    • Grant Monies
      • Glenn Wiggin questioned use of GOEFFR monies; Patty Peel will get clarification from COHOS Advisors on spending of this money.
    • Joint Loss Management Committee
      • John Hazen, NH Dept. of Labor Safety Inspector, has given the Town of Stark permission to extend membership on the Joint Loss Management Committee to appointed and/or elected officials of the Town.
    • Cold Spring Road
      • A complaint about trash being dumped on Cold Spring Road was shared with the Select Board.
    • Sign Transfer Station Operation & Closure Plan & Permit
      • Motion to accept Operating Plan as written made by Lisa Demers, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Vote: Glenn Wiggin No Lisa Demers Yes   Jim Walsh   Yes   Motion Passed
        • Glenn Wiggin voiced that he voted no due to missing information regarding the Town’s requirement for two people to be working at Transfer Station, as mandated by the Town Safety Plan.
      • Motion to accept closure plan as written and submitted made by Lisa Demers, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion passed unanimously.
      • Motion to accept Permit by Notification for Transfer Station, as written, made by Lisa Demers, 2nd by Jim Walsh Vote: Glenn Wiggin No, Lisa Demers Yes, Jim Walsh Yes. Motion Passed.


New Business

  • Approval of License to Sell Pistols and Revolvers
    • SB signed license to sell pistols and revolvers.
  • Facility/Premises License Agreement
    • Skipped until next meeting.
  • Unassigned Fund Balance
    • Patty Peel encouraged SB to considering whether they would be applying any of the UFB to reduce tax rate as the DRA will be contacting the Town soon to set rate.
  • Vault Access
    • Skipped until next meeting.
  • QuickBooks
    • Motion made to purchase updated version of Quick Books made by Lisa Demers, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion Passed Unanimously. Unanimous
  • Normandeau Contract
    • Select Board reviewed updates to contract.
    • Select Board signed 2-year contract with Normandeau Trucking for hauling of trash.


Other Business

  • Mowing
    • Jim Walsh reported that Croteau Lawn Services will work with us on the mowing at the General John Stark Park, to ensure we do not go over budget.
  • Transfer Station Fees
    • Motion made to eliminate fees at the Transfer Station, except for tires and refrigerants. Motion by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Lisa Demers. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Lisa Demers discussed a subsidized vehicle inspection program, offered through CAP, that provides vehicle inspections paid for and up to $1000 in maintenance on vehicles for individuals who qualify. The information will be available at the Town Clerk’s Office for any interested individuals.



  • RSA 91-A:3, II(b) The hiring of any person as a public employee./Skipped until next meeting.



  • Motion to adjourn at 7:15 pm made by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion Passed Unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia S. Peel, Office Manager



__________________________________                           __________________________________

Glenn Wiggin, Select Board Chairman                                     Date Approved



__________________________________                           __________________________________

Lisa Demers, Select Board Member                                         Jim Walsh, Select Board Member




*Select Board Meeting October 4, 2023 6 pm Stark Town Hall

*Planning Board Meeting October 11, 2023 7 pm Stark Town Hall

*Library Trustees Meeting September 26, 2023 4:45 pm Stark Town Hall