Select Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 17, 2024

6 PM

Stark Town Office



Call to Order

Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

Persons Present for All or Part of the Entire Meeting

Select Board Members: Glenn Wiggin, Lisa Demers, Jim Walsh; Office Manager, Patty Peel

Jim Hickey, Cheryl Nolan, Ray Perkins, Stephan Gilman, Charlie Nesbitt, Bob Gale,

Read and approve minutes from previous meetings— January 3, 4, 9 & 16, 2024.

Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, made a motion to waive the reading of minutes, second Jim Walsh.   

Motion passed unanimously.

Sign Checks & Manifest 3 Totaling $5,633.04

Select Board signed checks & manifest 3 totaling $5,633.04.

Sign Intent to Cut M/L 405-58

Select Board Signed Intent to cut for M/L 405-58.

Sign LUCT (Previously signed but two-sided; Reg of Deeds will not accept.)

Select signed LUCT warrant.

Sign 2024 with Town of Northumberland for Groveton Ambulance Services $21,650.00

Select Board reviewed 2024 contract with Town of Northumberland for Groveton Ambulance Services.

Motion made by Glenn Wiggin to accept contract with Town of Northumberland for Groveton Ambulance Services, 2nd by Lisa Demers Motion Passed Unanimously

Select Board signed contract for Groveton Ambulance Services.


Department Reports

  • Fire Department—Chief Nesbitt
    • Fire Chief, Charles Nesbitt, presented a request for a name change to the SVFD. Because the Town compensates the men at an” on-call” hourly wage, they are considered employees of the Town, not volunteers. department is paid as an “On-Call” department not a volunteer department. The Select Board will gather more information regarding the legal designation of volunteer, on-call, and career fire fighters.
    • Chief Nesbitt would like permission to paint the inside walls of the community room and the truck bays at the fire station. While the Select Board is supportive of the fire men volunteering time to paint the inside walls, they are not willing to approve the purchase of paint prior to a budget being approved at Town Meeting. Chief Nesbitt is going to look for donations of paint to get started on the community room.
    • The generator at the fire station lives inside one of the bays, even though it is technically and outside generator. Chief Nesbitt would like to move it outside and get it covered. He will research options and costs of building a structure to cover the generator vs. purchasing a small Conex Box and come back to the SB with costs.
    • The Select Board and Chief Nesbitt discussed the disposal of property at the fire station; there is some uncertainty regarding what is owned by the Town and what is owned by the Association. Inventory lists were once kept per request of Crane & Bell according to Lisa Demers; Patty Peel will check with Cohos Advisors to see if we should still be keeping these lists and what information should be on them.
    • The Select Board and Chief Nesbitt discussed the putting in place an annual “fit for duty” physical for all fire men. Charlie will gather more information and report back to the Select Board.


Old Business

  • Patty Peel shared that we had approval of the NH Labor Board to compensate the SVFD monthly, with the pay period being the 1st through last day of the month and the employees being paid by the 15th of the following month or the closest prior business day.
  • Lisa Demers mentioned that we are going to be looking for current town employees who are certified in traffic management to help with traffic control when construction on Northside Road begins this spring. Chief Nesbitt mentioned that some of the fire men had taken the ten-hour TIMS course (Traffic Management Safety and State Training). Glenn Wiggin shared that ALL fire department employees were mandated by a prior SB to take the TIMS course; the SB would like Chief Nesbitt to follow through on this and give the fire men until March 17, 2024, to complete the TIMS course or be put on administrative leave. Anyone put on administrative leave will need to go before the SB to explain why they did not follow through on this mandate and will risk possible dismissal from the department.
  • Jim Hickey will help Lisa Demers shut off the Christmas lights on the covered bridge.
  • Lisa Demers asked about the Blaktop agreement; does it extend the time of contract. Patty Peel will look for the contract with the extension.
  • Patty Peel mentioned a Start-Up meeting with Avitar for the 2024 reappraisal of the Town. Patty will schedule with Avitar; one SB member will be in attendance.


Other Business

  • Ray Perkins was appointed to the Trustee of Trust Fund by the Select Board.
    • Jim Walsh made a motion to appoint Ray Perkins to Trustee of Trust Fund; training takes place as time permits by Office Manager; 2nd by Glenn Wiggin Motion Approved.
  • Library Trustee, Cheryl Nolan, shared that she has spoken with Northumberland Public Library about having town-wide contracted services with them. The Northumberland Library Trustees are going to meet and get back to Cheryl with a proposal. This will be voted on in a warrant article at the Town Meeting. Cheryl would also like the Town Meeting to vote on RSA 202-A:4-c, giving Library Trustees’ authority to apply for, accept and expend unanticipated money from a state, federal or other governmental unit or a private source and RSA 202-A:4-d authorizing library trustees to accept gifts of personal property, other than money, offered for any public purpose.
  • Bob Gale provided an update on his work with AVEC. Bob reminded those at the meeting that a public informational session is scheduled for Thursday, January 25, at 6 pm at the Stark Fire Station.

Non-Public (If Necessary)

Motion made by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Lisa Demers, to enter Non-Public Session. Motion Passed.

Select Board entered non-public session at 7:43 pm pursuant to the following:

91-A:3, II (b): The hiring of any person as a public employee

RSA 91-A:3, II (c) Matters which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person, other than a member of this board, unless such person requests an open meeting. This exemption shall extend to include an application for assistance or tax abatement or waiver of a few, fine or other levy, if based on inability to pay or poverty of the applicant.

Public Session Reconvened at 8:06 pm.

Motion made to seal the minutes of non-public by Lisa Demers, 2nd by Glenn Wiggin. Motion Passed.



Motion to adjourn by Glenn Wiggin, 2nd by Jim Walsh.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia S. Peel, Office Manager


__________________________________                           __________________________________  

        Glenn Wiggin, Select Board Chair                                             Date Approved   


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        Lisa Demers, Select Board Member                                         Jim Walsh, Select Board Member





*Select Board Budget Meeting: Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at Noon Stark Town Hall

*Select Board Meeting/Budget Hearing: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 6 pm Stark Town Hall

*Planning Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 14, 2024 at 6 pm Stark Town Hall