Select Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 6, 2024

6 PM

Stark Town Office



Call to Order

Select Board Chairman, Glen Wiggin, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

Persons Present for All or Part of the Entire Meeting

Select Board Members: Glenn Wiggin, Lisa Demers, Jim Walsh; Office Manager, Patty Peel

Elaine Monahan, Rodney Monahan, Cristol Lavallee, Cheryl Gale, Bob Gale, Crystal Pelletier, Jim Hickey, Stephan Gilman, Keith Smith, Jack Pepau, Bill Joyce, Tyrone Mickelboro, Joya Beaton, Dean Demers, Stacey Hickey, Jay Beaton

Read and approve minutes from previous meetings— February 21, 2024.

Select Board Member, Glenn Wiggin, made a motion to waive the reading of minutes, second by Jim Walsh.

Motion passed unanimously.

Sign Checks & Manifest 10 Totaling $85,431.52

Select Board signed checks & manifest 10 totaling $85,431.52.

Sign DRA Form MS-60W Audit Waiver Request

Select Board signed DRA Form MS-60W.

Sign DRA Form MS-60A Auditor Option and Schedule

Select Board signed DRA Form MS-60A.

Sign Maintenance Agreement for Copier

Select Board signed copier maintenance agreement with WB Mason.

Sign Release of Welfare Lien

Select Board signed release of welfare lien, to be filed at Coos County Registry of Deeds.

Sign Gravel Warrant

Select Board signed gravel warrant for property owned by Bonnie Knapp, map/lot 408/106.

Sign Pistol Permit

Select Board signed pistol/revolver license for George Craggy.

Sign Septic Plan

Select Board signed septic plan for property owned by Ethan Emerson, map/lot 408/104.1


Bill Joyce: Scott Air Packs

Bill Joyce talked about the Stark Fire Department. Clarified information regarding age and use of Scott Air Packs with the Select Board and Assistant Chief, Jack Pepau. Bill also mentioned that the perception the people in Town have of the fire department is not good. What is the SB going to do about this? Bill voiced concern with a member of the SVFD doing donuts in his vehicle in the fire station parking lot. Assistant Chief Pepau told the SB the Chief was aware of the situation and has spoken with the individual. Select Board Chair, Glenn Wiggin, stated that the complainant could make a formal complaint by attending a SB meeting; then the Select Board could act on the complaint.


Joya Beaton:  Follow Up from Previous Meeting with SB

Joya Beaton spoke with the Select Board regarding concerns she has with the Stark Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD):  What documentation does the Town have in personnel files for FD employees? Do we have proof of years of fire service, do we have proof of TIMS Certifications? Have we completed a full government background check on employees? The SB responded to Mrs. Beaton’s concerns.

The discussion led to questions regarding the SVFD Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) for the SVFD. No approved/signed copy of the SOGs has been located in the Town Office; however, Lisa Demers stated that the SOGs were written by the Joint Loss Management Committee in 2019, reviewed by the fire department, and brought to the SB for approval. Lisa stated that she had seen a signed copy of the SOGs.

Mrs. Beaton asked the SB what they intended to do about the situation with the SVFD and her son, Jay Beaton. Glenn Wiggin, Chairman, did not want to comment as, due to illness, he had missed the prior SB meeting when Mrs. Beaton brought the concern to the SB. 

Lisa Demers made a motion for the SB to go into nonpublic session. There was no 2nd so the motion failed.

Discussion continued regarding Mrs. Beaton’s question. Glenn Wiggin stated that removing the position was an overreach of authority and needed to be addressed. Lisa Demers talked about a conversation where the SB discussed paying the fire department for administration, training, and calls. Thus, Lisa can understand why the Chief thought the position was not covered in the budget.

The three basic categories of fire fighters (volunteer, paid on call, employees) in NH were discussed to clarify that, indeed, the Stark firefighters are employees of the Town.


Department Reports

  • Fire Dept: MV Incident/Insurance Billing
    • Lisa Demers made a motion to table this discussion until the Fire Chief was present, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion Passed Unanimously.
  • Highway
    • Discussion regarding the condition of Woodbury Cole Road. SB discussed the need for putting stone down. Lisa Demers asked if gravel would make the road passable. Jim Walsh stated that a long-term fix would be to dig the mud out then put big rock down (around 4-inch rock) and then small stone on top. The Select Board discussed putting down swamp mats as a temporary fix. Lisa Demers will reach out to Michaels to see if they have any swamp mat the Town could have.

Old Business

  • Town Meeting/Warrant
    • The Select Board reviewed the warrant in preparation for the Town Meeting.
  • Avitar Software and Third-Party Access to Application Data
    • Signed and approved by SB.
  • Sealed Bid (Fire Truck)
    • Select Board discussed trying to sell the 1969 Mack CF600 through GovDeals. Lisa Demers stated that she thought this would be a good way to go. The SB discussed a minimum bid vs. a reserve on the sale. The discussion was tabled so more information could be gathered.
  • Transfer Station Permit
    • Jim Walsh asked about the Transfer Station Permit; Lisa Demers stated it was on hold until after the Town Meeting.
  • Bridge—-Jim Walsh made a motion to sign the contract with Bruce Knox for engineering services on the replacement of the Meadow Road Bridge over Phillips Brooks at a cost of $32,942.77 and to pay for said engineering services out of the reserve fund set aside as bridge money. Lisa Demers 2nd the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Select Board signed the engineering contract.
  • Stephan Gilman asked if anyone has discussed a PA system for Town Meeting. Stephan will set up his system for the Town to use at the Town Meeting on March 12, 2024.
  • Work Safety Policy
    • The Work Safety Policy was approved and will be signed at the March 20, 2024 meeting. Patty Peel will move forward on getting the policy out to all employees and asking department heads to get a list of any equipment they might need to follow the policy to the SB for review.



New Business

  • Sweeping Contract
    • SB reviewed the sweeping contact submitted by White’s. Lisa Demers made a motion to accept White’s proposal, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Crystol Lavalee asked if the Town would let citizens know when the sweeping was scheduled. Patty Peel will talk with Ron Boivin about scheduling and getting dates out to the public.
  • Solar Eclipse
    • Literature regarding the solar eclipse was shared with the SB. We do not have any special community function planned for the eclipse.
  • Stephan Gilman asked about holding bridge dances this summer. The August bridge dance will be part of the 250th The SB will support a dance in both June and July.
  • Tax Deeds
    • A list of properties in jeopardy of being taken by the Town as part of the tax deed process was submitted to the SB by the Tax Collector.
  • Thompson Road House
    • Glenn Wiggin provided an update of his meeting with the family of the house on Thompson Road taken by tax deed. The family will be contacting the SB to let them know their plans moving forward with the house.
  • Celebration for 250th
    • Select Board signed a raffle permit for the duck race.
    • Select Board approved and signed the Covered Bridge Usage Agreement.
      • Discussion about who we might use for police coverage. Do we have any agreements with Northumberland for special event coverage. Expense/Revenue Sheet
    • Expense/Revenue Sheet
      • Patty Peel reviewed the expense/revenue sheet provided to the SB.
    • Heritage Account
      • Spending money from the Heritage Account was discussed.

Other Business

  • Bob Gale informed the SB that 12 more communities have joined the Community Power Coalition of NH.
  • Crystal Pelletier talked about Earth Day Clean Up on April 20th, 2024. Anyone interested in helping with the clean up can contact Crystal Pelletier at [email protected] or Patty Peel at the Town Hall, [email protected]
  • Rodney Monahan provided SB with update on the Treasurer’s Reports for Dec. 2023, Jan 2024, and Feb 2024. The December report shows a balance in Passumpsic greater than the treasurer’s records show. An adjustment will be made to the treasurer’s records and reports turned in at the March 20, 2024 meeting.
  • Bill Joyce asked about the Mi-Box at the fire station. Did the SB give permission for the box to be placed on Town Property? Is the Town responsible for the box? The SB Chair was asked by the FD Chief for permission to put the Mi-Box on the property; Glenn Wiggin told the Chief he should attend a SB meeting to get permission from the Select Board, as one member acting alone could not grant permission. Lisa Demers stated that she recalls a prior discussion where the Chief was given permission to put the box on Town property; if there was any cost associated, he was directed to come back to the SB. Question about liability and whether a contract was signed by the Fire Chief. Mr. Joyce recommended blocking off the Mini Box for Town meeting.


  • Glenn Wiggin made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Jim Walsh. Motion Passed Unanimously.
    • The meeting adjourned at 8:31 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia S. Peel, Office Manager


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        Glenn Wiggin, Select Board Chair                                          Date Approved   


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        Lisa Demers, Select Board Member                                      Jim Walsh, Select Board Member




*Town Meeting March 12, 2024  2 pm  Stark Town Hall

*Select Board Meeting March 20, 2024 6 pm Stark Town Hall

*Planning Board Meeting March 13, 2024 6 pm Stark Town Hall