Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

6 PM

Stark Town Office



Call to Order 6 pm

Monique Hand made a motion at 6:10 pm to call the meeting to order; 2nd by Bob Gale.

Motion Passed Unanimously


Those in attendance for all or part of the meeting:

Members: Ray Perkins, Bob Gale, Monique Hand

Guests : Lisa Demers

Absent: Member Marc Brassard


Read and approve minutes from previous meeting.

Bob Gale made a motion to wave the reading of the previous minutes, 2nd by Ray Perkins

Motion Passed Unanimously

Minutes from previous meeting signed by those members in attendance.


New Business

  • No Mail Items
  • No Scheduled Business
  • Lisa Demers discussed the filling of the Select Board representation vacancy on the planning board. She offered that she would be willing to fill the position. She will bring back to the Select Board to discuss



  • Ray Perkins made a motion to adjourn at 6: 55 pm, seconded by Monique Hand.


Respectfully Submitted by Monique Hand, Planning Board Member


Date Approved: ______________________________



____________________________________________     _______________________________________

Marc Brassard, Chair                                                                           SB Representative



____________________________________________     _______________________________________


Monique Hand, Member                                                                                   Bob Gale, Member






Ray Perkins, Member